This conference, Asian Conference on Organic Electronics (A-COE), covers various aspects of organic materials that are related to electronic applications, including insulators, semiconductors, conductors, optic materials, magnetic materials, and biomaterials.  Their applications extend to such fields as transistors, memories, organic light-emitting diodes (displays), photovoltaics, optical devices, energy devices, sensors, actuators, and bioelectronics. The topics related to basic physics and chemistry, material development, process technologies, devices and applications are covered in this conference.
In addition, it is important to build the intra- and international human network for young researchers (including students) through many discussions in the conference. Therefore, a real conference was preferable.
The “A” of A-COE means “Asian” as well as “Advanced” now. The research power on organic electronics in Asia continues to lead the world powerfully. We hope that many researchers participate A-COE2021 and win fruitful discussions.